If anyone ever wondered

im not going to talk to anyone for a while

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Anonymous said: You followed me back on insta! Omg I just died! 😍

Haha what, why!? You cutie ❀️

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I think part of the reason people love sex so much is because for a while, there is nothing else. It’s just you and someone else and all your focus and energy is on that. There is no overthinking, no fighting, no suffering, no thoughts, no pain. Our mind is blank. And that blissful nothingness is addictive.

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never-alonenever-apart said: i follow you on instagram cutie :)

Aww well thank you so much 😘😘😘

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Instagram is @emmmagoods
I’m gonna leave this up so hopefully people scroll and see it, or I will make an FAQ and include my Instagram in it because I keep being asked what mine is ❀️😊😘

Anonymous said: where is your Instagram post

I’ll find it and reblog it xx

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