If anyone ever wondered

Anonymous said: did getting your nipple pierced hurt

Well it wasn’t a pleasant feeling
But it’s ok

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Anonymous said: Do you like your boobs

Yeah, they’re neato

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The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot - Brand New

Anonymous said: What high school did you go to?


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Anonymous said: I am literally so gay and into girls and the only person that knows is my mum but I constantly make references to it with my friends before realising they don't know and I find it funny but I'm so not ready to tell anyone... Maybe after I graduate

Gahh that’s quite cute she does that cause she is being accepting and stuff but have a talk wth her about being careful what she says when you’re with friends
You can’t force being ready so take your time and tell them when you feel a bit better about it hun ❤️

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Anonymous said: Thank you! You are incrediblexxx

I’m not at all but I’m glad I could try help hun xxx

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Anonymous said: What would you suggest doing if you were angry, sad and disappointed in a group of friends and wanted to approach them why they did several things, would you do it and if so do you have any suggestions on how to approach the situation, thank you!!! x

I would just try and keep it casual so it doesn’t seem like you’re accusing or interrogating them, don’t make it come off as an attack.
But be like guys I just don’t get why you did that cause it made me sad

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