If anyone ever wondered

“If I was your lover”… Finish it in my ask.


Send these I’m Lonelyyyyy

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Something inside is hurting you – that’s why you need cigarettes or whiskey, or music turned so fucking loud you can’t think. (via dl0u)

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Anonymous said: How much you ask?

oh I was kidding aha

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Anonymous said: If I pay you will you have sex with me

how much we talkin?

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Anonymous said: You already look hot to me

That’s very sweet of you
Thank you 😏

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The 1975 at Splendour in the Grass 2014

Anonymous said: I'm affraid i'm not mistaken at all

You are ahha
I’m waiting for some kind thing to make me hot or for puberty to sort it’s shit out

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Anonymous said: Then you (yes you) just need to finish school and live your life :)

No you’re mistaken

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