If anyone ever wondered

Anonymous said: How are you so wonderful after being hurt so much

I’m not at all wonderful, but thank you ❤️

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itsjustonesimplephrase said: Thank you. I appreciate you, rescuing me from the fucked up mind state I am in.

Anytime, anywhere. No need to thank me, nowhere I’d rather be ❤️

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Anonymous said: When were you first diagnosed with depression

I feel these are too personal to answer like this
If you’re interested in my mental health problems or any of my problems please come off anon xx

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Anonymous said: how long have you had an eating disorder

Please stop with these. I’ve never had any kind of mental eating disorder

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I find it incredibly unfair that some people just get to be beautiful

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Anonymous said: OMFG! I would love to see any part of you you felt like sharing with us....but not your heart coz I don't know how you'd show your heart without breaking it ?

Hahah well what do you want to see?

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Anonymous said: no we haven't, show us

What? You talking bout my ass?

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my blog is great but have u seen my ass

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Anonymous said: what is love

I don’t know. I guess I would say it is raw and vulnerable emotion. Being able to make someone feel alive, because they make you feel every feeling possible in existence

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